BY 12 Republican & Independent Mayors and Councilmembers.

Mayor Gary Bruhn (former)
Councilman Loren "Andy" Williams
Councilman Tony Davit

Winter Garden
Mayor John Rees
Commissioner Lisa Bennett
Commissioner Colin Sharman

Mayor Rusty Johnson

Mayor John Dowless


Mayor Bryan Nelson

Belle Isle
Mayor Nick Fouraker

Orange County
Fmr County Commissioner
Betsy VanderLey

Florida and United States
Florida State Representative Webster Barnaby

U.S. Senator
George LeMieux (former)

Lt. General
Jay Garner (retired)

Some of the Organizations that Endorse Vennia:

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Fl Realtors.png

Leaders that Endorse Vennia:

All-American Football Legend, Lou Holtz
“I’m so excited that someone of Vennia Francois’s caliber is running for State Representative. There’s no doubt in my mind that she believes in the power of the American Dream and is committed to governing by the constitutional principles that made this nation great. I’m strongly behind her candidacy and I’m proud to endorse her.”

lou holtz.png
George LeMieux.jpeg

Former U.S. Senator George LeMieux
“During my time in the U.S. Senate, I had the privilege of working with Vennia Francois. I know that she’s going to make a great member of the Florida Legislature. In our time of working together, Vennia was so diligent, so thoughtful, so courageous, so caring about the people of Florida, I know she will take that same passion to the state legislature. I know she will soon be a leader there working for the people of Florida.”

Florida State Representative Webster Barnaby
"I love America and I love candidates who are equally passionate about America. That's why I wholeheartedly endorse Vennia Francois for State Representative. She is a first-generation American who will passionately defend the values and freedoms that make this nation so great."

Webster Barnaby.jpg

Winter Garden Mayor John Rees
“Vennia has the right values, the right motivation, and is the one candidate in this race who will be able to hit the ground running on day one in Tallahassee.”

John Rees.png
John Dowless.jpg

Edgewood Mayor John Dowless
“I’ve known Vennia for over 25 years and she is not afraid to fight for what she believes in. As a lifelong Republican woman of color, she has been swimming against the tide for years. There’s no doubt she will be an effective State Representative.”

Loren Andy Williams.jpg
Windermere Councilman
Loren “Andy” Williams

“Vennia is smart, experienced, conservative, and genuinely cares about people.”

Retired Lt. General Jay Garner 
"I strongly support Vennia Francois for election to our Florida Legislature. Vennia casts a long and enduring shadow of faith, patriotism, and intelligence. She understands the desires of our residents and will work tirelessly to fulfill them. She will provide a competent and much needed measure of clarity and balance to our legislative process.”

Jay Garner.jpg
Mayor Rusty Johnson.jpg

Ocoee Mayor
Rusty Johnson

Mayor Bryan Nelson.jpg

Apopka Mayor
Bryan Nelson

Mayor Nick Fouraker.jpg

Belle Isle Mayor
Nick Fouraker

Mayor Gary Bruhn.jpg

Windermere former Mayor
Gary Bruhn

Betsy VanderLey.jpg

Fmr Orange County Commissioner
Betsy VanderLey

Commissioner Lisa Bennett.jpg

Winter Garden Commissioner
Lisa Bennett

Commissioner Colin Sharman.jpg

Winter Garden Commissioner
Colin Sharman

Councilman Tony Davit.jpg

Windermere Councilman
Tony Davit